Monday, May 26, 2008

Woman still recovering from dine and dash hit-skip

As a follow up to an earlier post, the woman hit by dine and dash suspect Michael Rose is still recovering.

From 10tv:

Earlier this week, doctors said it was doubtful Widomski, 28, would ever walk again.

On Friday, Widomski's aunt, Martha Manciano, confirmed the diagnosis.

"(Her spine) was severed in two places and crushed in multiple places," Manciano said. "Naturally she will never walk again."

Liu's husband, Paul, said his wife was recovering from a number of injuries.

"Julie has suffered a fractured sternum, multiple fractures on her ribs, a broken collarbone, her wrist is dislocated and she suffers from a serious concussion and a bruised brain," Liu said.

Let no one say someone trying to run you over isn't using lethal force. Injuries like that would seem to make gunshot wounds almost a simple matter in comparison.

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