Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dad jailed because daughter fails GED

No, really.

Brian Gegner is in jail for 180 days for failing to keep an eye on his daughter's education. The problem is his daughter is 18 and has passed all except the math portion of the GED which she has failed several times. The order stems from 2 years ago.

When the original truancy happened, Brian Gegner had custody of his daughter even though she was living with her mother. Brittany and her mother both say they should be the ones to go to jail if anyone had to. "It's ridiculously wrong," said Brittany.

The court says that even though Brittany is now an adult the order can be upheld since she was a juvenile at the time. Gegner is also facing the possibility of losing his job, which he has had for 15 years, over this situation.

WTF is it about the Ohio educational system that is nucking futs?

Earlier there was a bill to force parents to volunteer in their school district or pay fines. Now parents are responsible for their kids... even if they don't live together?

This is just another reason I'm glad I don't have any kids.

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