Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update on athens students drowning

Seems there's some new information on the two students found dead in a bathtub


ATHENS, Ohio (WSAZ) --New details were released Tuesday in the deaths of two college students found dead in a bathtub.

Preliminary autopsy results show that Kelly Armbruster and Christopher Theil probably died from a drug overdose.

The report also ruled out drowning as the cause of death -- there was also no sign of significant trauma.

Theil's mother found the pair dead in a bathtub at the River Park Tower Apartments in Athens last month.

Armbruster was a student at Ohio University; Theil attended Hocking College. Police say they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

I'll note the word "probably". Seems like the toxicology reports aren't in yet. That or "drug overdose" is the new excited delirium

Also, there's a photo circulating apparently from a facebook profile:

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