Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spot the Alkie

From the The Sacramento Bee

Investigators were trying Monday to determine if a suspected drunken driver involved in a solo crash into a tree Sunday night failed to buckle his own seat belt even though the 12-pack he was carrying on the passenger seat was safely belted in.

Witnesses told Citrus Heights police that they saw the man driving north on Van Maren Lane in excess of 60 mph before he lost control of his car and slammed into a tree near Garden Gate Drive.

The driver suffered serious head and body injuries and he was rushed to a local hospital.

He was found still in the driver's seat, unrestrained, next to the 12-pack of beer secured by a seatbelt, according to a police summary.

A police traffic investigator is reviewing the incident.

See, he had to belt in his beer... gods know you don't want it flying all over the place while you're driving; makes it hard to reach.

Just hope he has health insurance. I'd hate to see taxpayers get stuck with the bill for this one.

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Der_General said...

Now that's a guy with his priorities straight!