Thursday, January 3, 2008

homemade bomb: 1, psychology student: 0

Man killed in explosion was Miami University student

WEST CHESTER TWP. — A Miami University student was killed Wednesday in an explosion here in the backyard of his parent's home.

Police said a group of teenagers were trying to blow up a two-story, wooden playground set at 6747 Apache Way, when debris from the explosion hit Daniel Ferraro, 19, a 2006 Lakota East High School graduate.

Butler County Corner Dr. Richard Burkhardt confirmed Ferraro, a Miami sophomore studying psychology, was killed, but said the cause of death has not been determined.


Police would not say what kind of explosives were used, but neighbors said the explosion rocked their homes in a neighborhood that sits west of Cincinnati-Dayton and north of Tylersville roads.

Neighbor Gary Hoff said he heard and felt the explosion at his home that sits more than 100 yards away. Hoff said he walked outside because he thought it was a neighbor's furnace.

"It quietly shook the house," Hoff said.

Remember kids, shrapnel and debris radiate in 360 degrees from the point of origin and even if you've got cover that doesn't mean everyone does.

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