Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anti-whaling protesters fed whale

From the UK Daily Mail

The crew of a Japanese harpoon ship holding a British anti-whaling protester captive insist they are treating him well - and have even offered him a meal of whale meat.

British protester Giles Lane remained a captive on board the Japanese harpoon ship tonight as accusations flew across the icy, fog-shrouded waters of Antarctica.

The Japanese crew accused 36-year-old Mr Giles, from Cuckfield, West Sussex, and an Australian colleague of piracy after the pair stormed the whaling vessel Yushin Maru on Tuesday.

Whale, when properly prepared, tastes much like beef. Very tender, with no noticeable marbling but instead an oily sort of rainbow shine. Delicious.

I'm having a hard time feeling sympathy for the Brits involved in this one. To board a boat illegally with intent to harm the ship and/or crew is piracy.

Having lived on ships for a few years, I can say taking the Brits prisoner is the best option for the Brits; kinda surprised they weren't blown over the side by fire hoses as that's the standard method of repelling boarders.

So the Brits get turned over to the Japanese authorities when the Yushin Maru returns to port. The anti-whaling crew on the Sea Shepherd won't like that, but then when their "protest mission" involves boarding actions that's the best they can expect.

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