Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knob Creek

I found this gem on youtube; it's a Mail Call special on Knob Creek:

For those who don't know, twice a year the Knob Creek range in Kentucky holds a full auto firing event. Targets are old cars and boats loaded with what appears to be Tannerite ( a shock insensitive binary explosive ). You can rent time on the full auto weapons, or a flamethrower if you prefer.

Come to think of it, the flamethrowers would be a real time saver. You can hunt and BBQ at the same time. Probably only work if you like your meat well done though.


Der_General said...

The only thing cooler than shooting a minigun would be shooting a minigun with R. Lee Ermey.

Illicit Dreams said...

I love that episode. One of these day's I'm gonna make it to Knob Creek.