Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can't be violent... no guns

If you've been watching the news, you could be forgiven for missing the civil unrest in Kenya. After all, we've got the Superbowl, the elections... I'm sure there's a missing white girl we all need to get angsty about.

What strikes me is the mobs in Kenya seem to be armed with two main implements: machetes and gasoline.

This CNN story says it well:
NAIROBI, Kenya (CNN) -- Gangs of young men armed with machetes are roaming the streets in Kenya as post-election violence threatens to engulf the country. Horrific attacks are being reported, including the torching of a church where people who had sought refuge were burned alive.

So, in general the mobs in Kenya aren't armed with firearms, but that doesn't stop mass killings and barbaric behavior. Almost as if it's not the tool that make someone violent, but the nature of the individuals involved.

Restricting firearms doesn't restrict behavior. Those motivated to commit violence on others just find other tools. Like machetes and molotov cocktails.

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