Monday, April 28, 2008

Smiley face drownings?

Now this is a weird story.

Detectives Chase 'Smiley Face' Murder Mystery
Retired NYC Detectives Spend 11 Years Connecting the Drowning Deaths of 40 Young Men Across the Country


Detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte have been tracking the suspicious drowning deaths of young men across the country ever since they investigated the death of college student Patrick McNeill, who drowned in New York City in 1997. Gannon made a promise to McNeill's parents that he would never give up on his case.

When the detectives took a look at Jenkins' death, they discovered that the position of his body and other physical evidence proved that the college student didn't drown accidentally. The cause of death on Jenkins' death certificate was changed to "homicide."

While most local investigations focus on where a body was recovered, Gannon and Duarte wanted to know where the body went into the water. If they could figure out that location, the detectives believed they'd be able to gather evidence from the actual crime scene.

In city after city, the detectives found a smiley face painted somewhere at the crime scene. The color of paint used and the size of the faces varies, but the detectives are convinced it is a sick signature claiming responsibility for the homicide.

The detectives found the smiley faces in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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Charlie said...

THANKS for covering this awful story. How sad -- and creepy! On my blog, The Sope-Bocks, there is a list of potential victims' names, along with a couple of theories -- and lots of other stuff related to the Smiley Face Gang. I may have missed some evidence available to the public, but no other blog has more data available right now.

BTW, Huffpo, WebSleuths and a coupla others are developing the story, too. I think the you, me and other bloggers are going to crack the case -- sooner or later. At least, that's my hope!