Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hannibal Lecter on NPR

As part of NPR's series of character studies they've put Hannibal Lecter under the microscope.

I'll admit an affinity for the character; more for the written version in the Thomas Harris series of books than the films, although the films can be quite good.

Speaking of the films, if you need something to fill out your netflix list check out Manhunter. Based off the book Red Dragon, this 1986 film was directed by Michael Mann who also directed the Miami Vice series. It has a unique feel from the other Lecter movies produced; a very 80's feel combined with the cold savagery of the material.

Interestingly, William Petersen, who'd go on to star in CSI states in the extra DVD footage on Manhunter that the role of Will Graham stayed with him even after the production was long over. One can see echos of that character in his early work on CSI.

All in all, it's both good reading and good watching. I know I'm an avid fan.

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