Saturday, February 23, 2008

UK Doctors: Do as I say, not as I do.

Back in January, I wrote about how the UK national health care plan could lead to government regulation of non-criminal behavior.

This story in the UK Daily Mail illustrates the some are more equal than others attitude so prevalent is some parts of society.

Doctors in the UK have railed against binge drinking, saying it puts an undue burden on the national health care system in the UK:
Doctors warned of a "public health emergency" and demanded that Ministers tackle the problem by raising taxes on alcohol, ending cut-price offers and reducing the drink-drive limit.

However, not only does the British Medical Association run their own bar, but they've applied for a license to stay open later than other bars:
The profession's governing body, the British Medical Association, has applied for a licensing extension to allow drinking to continue until 1am - despite complaints from residents that revellers are already causing problems with noise and public hygiene.

From the comments of residents around the bar, it seems the doctors aren't as responsible as they'd like you to believe:
But at a meeting this month, councillors considering the BMA's request for a two-hour licence extension at the Grade II-listed building - once home to Charles Dickens - heard vivid objections from residents.

One, Sasha Watson, complained that there were "problems with urinating" and late-night revellers "frolicking on scaffolding" on the building.

Another, Colin Wright, said the new licence would "encourage the patrons to drink excessively" and would lead to an "increased risk of crime and disorder".

Lillian Ruff argued that extending hours would see more revellers arriving late at night on foot or by car, creating 'drink-driving implications'.

I suppose I should be used to such hypocrisy by now, but it never fails to irk me.

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