Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sesame Street ... for adults only??

This article was on Slashdot today.

"The earliest episodes of Sesame Street are being made available on DVD, but the NYT notes Volumes 1 and 2 carry a rather strange warning: 'These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today's preschool child.' So why are they unsuitable for toddlers in 2007? Well, in the parody 'Monsterpiece Theater,' Alistair Cookie — played by Cookie Monster — used to appear with a pipe, which he later gobbled. 'That modeled the wrong behavior,' explained a Sesame Street executive producer, adding that 'we might not be able to create a character like Oscar [the Grouch] now.'"

Cookie Monster eats cookies... and therefore is a bad example for todays corpulent precious rays of sunshine? What, the genius darlings couldn't figure out that eating a pipe was a gag? Or are they so feeble minded that they must emulate a blue furry puppet?

People have the nerve to ask why I prefer cats. If we have to sanitize Sesame Street to prevent damaging todays kids, seeing something like Wile E. Coyote would burst their heads like ripe melons in the sun.

If you want a version of Sesame Street that's not safe for kids, this guy is on the right track:

Funny as hell, but so not safe for work.

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