Thursday, July 3, 2008

Basments flood... with salad dressing?


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Storms and heavy rain usually flood basements with water, but some homeowners on the city's north side are dealing with flooding of a different kind on Wednesday.

At least 10 residents in Clintonville are cleaning up after a combination of storm water and ranch salad dressing seeped into their basements.

According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, rain from last week's storms combined with sewage from the T. Marzetti. Co. -- a salad dressing producer located on Indianola Avenue.

Sewage and storm water overwhelmed the city's storm sewer system, resulting in flooding at nearby homes.

"It's creamy-ranch- dressing-looking crap," resident Steven Maiken told the Columbus Dispatch. "It's not toxic waste, but we did have to throw away a lot of stuff. We tried to wash it off over and over again."

Damn. You know, sewage would be bad enough, but sewage with ranch dressing?

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