Thursday, June 12, 2008

More than 10 items or less in the UK? That's a beating to death...

From the UK Daily Mail:
A shopper has died after he was attacked in Sainsbury's in a row over queue-jumping.

Kevin Tripp, 57, was hit so hard in the face as he waited by the checkouts that he collapsed to the floor unconscious and in a pool of blood.

Horrified shoppers, including young children, saw the father-of-one crumple to the ground. He was taken to hospital but died late last night.

Tony Virasami, 37, from Catford, south-east London, appeared in court today charged with his murder and was remanded in custody.

It is alleged his girlfriend summoned him to the store after she accused Mr Tripp of barging in front of her in the queue to pay.

Wow. So, your girlfriend calls you over to throw a beat down on a guy who cuts in line... and you kill him. The sad thing is, besides the obvious, I doubt his girlfriend will face any charges.


TchoTChoWrangler said...

Antoinette Richardson, (the girlfriend) is also to be charged with Kevin Tripp's murder.

Unfortunately, under British law you can't be charged with being a complete twat.

Rus said...

well, at least there's some justice there.