Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Hillary won Ohio and Texas...

Looks like she's back in the race.

I've spoken with a few Republicans here in Ohio. Guess how many voted for Hillary?

Since Ohio ( and I believe Texas is as well ) are Open Primary states, Republicans and like minded Independents can vote for either slate of candidates.

Seems more than a few around here looked at McCain as the obvious nominee and decided to help the Democrats continue their circular firing squad.

Obama will likely still be the nominee for the Democratic party, unless Hillary can get the Florida and Michigan delegates and likely not even then barring some back room deals to get the superdelegates to back her.

However, the longer this street fight continues between Obama and Hillary the better it is for McCain. He can reap the dirt Hillary digs up against Obama while keeping his hands clean. McCain can let the special interest groups within the Democratic party do his dirty work for him.

Rush Limbaugh is taking credit for Hillary's wins. He might be right.

Seems to show that cynicism can at least throw a monkey wrench into optimism; it remains to be seen if cynicism can trump optimism completely.

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